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Samsung C&T Wins Top Safety Award ...

SEOUL, Korea - March 3, 2015 Samsung C&T Corportion (Эс Си Ти Эм), the builder of Burj Khalifa, was appointed Best Contribution Company in Health and Safety Workplace Excellence of 2014 by the Ministry of labor, Mongolia. The prize is the most prestigious safety award in construction industry and presented annually to contract partners that demonstrate greatest performance in safety.


Samsung C&T was awarded for its safety performance at Shangri-La Hotel Phase 2 Site. Sahngri-La Site received outstanding results from Mongolia government through series of site inspections. About 130 officials including S. Chinzorig, the Minister of labor, attended the awarding ceremony which was held on 27th, February.




"There are a lot to learn from Samsung C&T about its HSE management. I hope that Samsung C&T's safety excellence and advanced technologies has a ripple effect to Mongolian companies and sites," said S. Chinzorig, the Minister of labor, Mongolia. "Samsung C&T will significantly contribute to Mongolian construction industry in developing safety culture."


"This award is significantly meaningful to us because safety is the top priority of Samsung C&T," said Sangsoo Lee, Project manager of Shangri-La Hotel Phase 2 Site. "We look forward to continue reinforcing measures to ensure safety excellence with our clients, partners, and local community."


Shangri-La Hotel Phase 2 Site is mixed -use commercial and 34-stoyed residential development project in the center of Ulaanbaatar. Shangri-La project will be completed by March, 2016 and will be the tallest building in Mongolia. The project was issued by Shangri-La hotel chain, and Mongolia&rsquos leading redeveloper MCS Holdings.


Besides, Samsung C&T previously earned Grand Safety award in Hong Kong for its safety performance in 2014 for the Shatin to Central Link project.



Samsung C&T Awarded the Second LNG...

Samsung C&T Corporation, with its partner Science-Tech Solutions (STS) Sdn. Bhd., has been awarded a contract by PETRONAS Gas Berhad, a subsidiary of national oil company PETRONAS, to build a re-gasification terminal in Johor, Malaysia.


Samsung C&T Corporation will execute the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) work of the re-gasification terminal which has a send-out capacity of 5 million tons per annum and two 200,000m3 LNG storage tanks. Construction is expected to be completed by April, 2018.




The re-gasification terminal (known as RGT-2) is part of Malaysia&rsquos development plan to secure stable natural gas supply for the nearby Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID), Pengerang Co-generation Plant (PCP) and also to the Peninsular Gas Utilization (PGU) Grid.


"We feel privileged to participate in the RGT-2 project together with our partners", a representative from Samsung C&T commented, also adding that "Based on our LNG experience and expertise, we look forward to contributing to development of the Malaysia's LNG industry, while maintaining a strict emphasis on site safety."




Samsung C&T is developing a strong track record in LNG, having completed various projects around the world. The company successfully completed the first LNG terminal in Singapore, and was further awarded the phase 3 expansion of the Singapore LNG terminal in August 2014. Through its acquisition of Whessoe Engineering Limited, an engineering firm specialized in cryogenic tanks and regasification facilities based in United Kingdom, Samsung C&T looks set to become a leading engineering and construction company in the LNG industry.




Samsung C&T Wins a Power Plant Pro...

Samsung C&T achieved a 630 billion KRW Private Gas Combined Cycle Plant order in Turkey. This reconfirms Samsung C&T's global stance in the private power plant market.


Samsung C&T (CEO Chi Hun Choi) signed an EPC contract with ACWA Power International on the 23rd to build a 597 million USD(about 633 billion KRW) Private Gas Combined Cycle Plant in Kirikkale, Turkey. Samsung C&T will be in charge of the engineering, procurement and construction.




The 950MW Kirikkale Private Gas Combined Cycle Plant will be built in Kirikkale which is located 60km east from Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and Samsung C&T is planning to complete the project in May, 2017.


This will be the 5th private power plant order Samsung C&T is participating in, reconfirming its global stance in the private power plant sector proceeded by EPC.


Samsung C&T is planning to expand its market in the private power plant field with its large-scale power plant performing capacity, technology along with the company's stable financial structure.



Samsung C&T entered the African market winning the 1450MW and 1165MW combined power plant order in Algeria this year and is continuing to strengthen its status in the Middle East and African market by winning another power plant project in Turkey. 


This is also Samsung C&T's 3rd contract with ACWA, the largest private power generation project developer in the Middle East region, strengthening the relationship between the two companies. Samsung C&T participated in the 4000MW Qurayyah combined cycle thermal power plant in 2011, and lead a consortium for the 2100MW Rabigh 2 IPP Project that was won last year. Samsung C&T commented that "We were able to build a strategic partnership with ACWA due to the strong and trustworthy relationship accumulated by continuous projects held."


Samsung C&T's CEO Chi Hun Choi also commented "This project is a good example of the sustainable growth model of Samsung C&T and how we do business on the base of trust. We will do our best to achieve zero-accidents and trust under the baseline of Samsung C&T's accumulated technology and project execution capabilities." at the signing ceremony at ACWA headquarters.




  • Burj Khalifa

    Burj Khalifa is the current tallest skyscraper in the world

    The top of the world, that’s where we, at Samsung C&T, aim to reach. We are creating new landscape and skyline with our unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

    The Pyramid of Khufu (Egypt) is 147 meters high. The Ulm Cathedral (Germany) with its pointed main steeple is 161 meters tall. The height of the New York’s Empire State Building (U.S.) is 381 meters (102 floors). The World Trade Center was 417 meters tall (110 floors). Chicago’s Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) is 443 meters high(110 floors) Samsung C&T is continuing to grow as a global leader in the highrise building sector having experience of constructing the highest buildings in the world like to Burj Kalifa(828 meters tall, 162 floors,the tallest in the world), Taipei 101(Taiwan,508 meters tall,101 floors) and the Malaysia Petronas TowerPetronas Twin Towers (Malaysia,452 meters high,88 floors).

    Project Overview

    BUILDINGBurj Khalifa

  • Incheon Grand Bridge

    A gateway to Northeast Asia,
    the Incheon Grand Bridge is
    Korea’s longest cable-stayed bridge

    We at Samsung C&T have worked hard to secure advanced design/implementation technologies in areas such as structure interpretation for bridges and roads.

    Critical infrastructural component for Korea to become a hub for northeast Asian economies

    A cable-stayed bridge style was adopted so that large ships could pass through to the open seas without difficulty. The length between the main towers is 800 meters, the world’s fifth longest span, and the tallest main tower is 230.5 meters, equivalent to the height of the Yoido 63 Building.

    We used a number of highly advanced technologies, mobilizing super-large RCD pile drivers and the world’s biggest pile load test (30,000 tons).

    Project Overview

    CIVILIncheon Bridge

  • Qurayyah IPP

    '4000MW, Qurayyah IPP is the largest combined cycle gas-fired power plant in the world

    The Qurayyah IPP project calls for building a 3,927-megawatt combined-cycle thermal power plant, the world’s largest to date, in cooperation with Saudi Arabia’s largest developer Acwa, We have has been participating in the project from the initial design stage.

    Samsung C&T is a full EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) contractor responsible for all tasks from design to procurement through actual construction, thereby maximizing value in the construction industry value chain.

    Project Overview

    PLANTSaudi Qurayyah IPP

  • Raemian Firstige

    Raemian Firstige is an eco-friendly, landmark apartment complex

    Raemian Firstige is an apartment complex located in Banpo, Seoul.

    It consists of 2,444 units in 28 buildings and received the IFLA(International Federation of Landscape Architects) Award in 2010.

    Raemian Firstige Apartment Complex is eco-friendly and promotes ubiquitous environment which enables its residents to conveniently enjoy life based on cutting-edge technology.

    It is an innovative and high-quality residential environment, complete with communal facilities where the various environmental elements that surround the buildings communicate and commune with the residents.

    Project Overview


  • Cleveland Clinic

    To bring the highest international standards of healthcare to Abu Dhabi

    Cleveland Clinic is a multi-specialty hospital, currently under construction in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    This 21-story building with 364 Inpatient beds will be a unique and unparalleled extension of the U.S.-based Cleveland Clinic model of care, offering a range of tertiary/quaternary medical services that will bring the highest international standards of healthcare to Abu Dhabi and the region.

    Cleveland Clinic has been designed to take advantage of the latest technologies in surgery, imaging, telemedicine and electronic medical records to ensure treatment and outcomes on a par with the world's top medical institutions.

    Samsung C&T has a strong foothold in the global health care industry and erected some of the world’s most renowned medical facilities.The biggest Cancer treatment facility in Asia-Samsung Cancer Center.

    Project Overview

    BULDINGCleveland Clinic