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Samsung C&T to Participate in a Ne...

SEOUL, Korea - November 23, 2015 &ndash Samsung C&T Corporation has been awarded a contract by Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC), to design and construct New M5 Motorway in Australia in a joint venture with Leighton Contractors and Dragados.




The AUD$4.3 billion New M5 Motorway is Stage 2 of WestConnex. It will run via twin tunnels from existing M5 East corridor at Kingsgrove to a new interchange at St Peters, providing better access to the airport, south Sydney and Port Botany precincts. The project will include construction of 9km tunnels, a new interchange at St Peters and connections from the interchange to key roads in the area. Construction is expected to begin in mid-2016 and to be completed in late 2019.


 "We feel honored to have the opportunity to participate in the WestConnex New M5 project which aims to improve Australia's transport infrastructure," said Hans Whang, the Head of Civil Infrastructure Business Unit of Samsung C&T. "With our combined resources and top priorities on safety and quality, we are fully committed to delivering this project successfully, together with our partners," he added.




WestConnex is Australia's largest integrated transport and urban revitalization project which will link Sydney's west and southwest with the city, airport and port. It is being constructed in three stages and progressively opened, with final completion scheduled for 2023. In June 2015, Samsung C&T was awarded the contract to design and construct the M4 East Motorway, which is part of WestConnex Stage 1, in a joint venture with Leighton Contractors and John Holland.


The New Integrated Samsung C&T, wi...

□ Aims to capture new business opportunities in fast growing industries to become a global business partner that offers a full-range of products and services, generating 60 trillion won in annual revenue by 2020. 


 □ Creates the new third pillar of the Samsung group, complementing the electronics and financial services business and establishing another growth engine.


□ Establishes Governance and CSR committees to enhance the new company's governance policies for the benefit of shareholders and to strengthen the company's CSR efforts.






SEOUL, Korea, August 31, 2015 - Samsung C&T Corporation ('Samsung C&T') and Cheil Industries are pleased to announce 

the completion of the merger. The combined company will officially become the new integrated Samsung C&T on September 1.


With its new vision of "Global Business Partner & Lifestyle Innovator", the new Samsung C&T will maximize the synergies of the merged entities by integrating strategic strengths and executing a growth strategy that can effectively leverage the core competencies of the two companies. The combined company aims to become a global leading business partner and generate 60 trillion won in annual revenue by 2020 by offering a full-range of products and services.


The new Samsung C&T will become a new third pillar of the Samsung group, complementing the electronics and financial services

business and establishing another growth engine in biotechnology, fashion and food services. The combined company will own 51.2

percent of Samsung BioLogics, the Samsung group's biopharmaceutical business.


The new Samsung C&T will consist of four business groups: 1) Engineering & Construction 2) Trading & Investment 3) Fashion

and 4) Resort & Construction, with President and CEO Choi Chi Hun(Engineering & Construction), Yoon Ju Hwa(Fashion),

Kim Shin(Trading & Investment), and Kim Bong Yung(Resort & Construction) as the heads of the respective groups. New enterprise-wide units will be formed and a synergy committee for the four CEOs will generate cross-business benefits and ensure transparency and open communication.


A key objective for Samsung C&T is to enhance shareholder value and fulfill its social responsibilities across the global markets in which it operates. Governance and CSR committees will be established to enhance the new company&rsquos governance policies for the benefit

of shareholders and to strengthen the company's CSR efforts.


On September 2, the new Samsung C&T will hold its first board meeting to vote on a variety of issues such as appointment of the

President and CEOs and the formation of the Governance and CSR committees, and hold an official launch event with the Board members and employees of the new Samsung C&T.



Samsung C&T Participates in AUD $ ...

SEOUL, Korea - June 4, 2015 - Samsung C&T has been awarded by WestConnex Delivery Authority (WDA), a AUD $2.7 billion contract to provide design and construction service to build the WestConnex M4 East motorway in Sydney, Australia in a joint venture with Leighton Contractors and John Holland. The contract will generate revenue for Samsung C&T of approximately $900 million over the next four years.




The M4 East Motorway will provide a 5.5 kilometer tunnel with three lanes in each direction along the Parramatta Road route from the M4 Western Motorway to Parramatta Road and the City West Link at Haberfield. Construction is expected to begin in 2016 and to be completed in 2019.


 "We feel privileged to have this opportunity to be part of the WestConnex project and to help further build Australia&rsquos transport network" said Hans Whang, the head of Civil infrastructure business unit of Samsung C&T. He added, "WestConnex M4 East motorway will ultimately ease congestion along Parramatta Road allowing easier local travel.


"Samsung C&T is on a fast track to establishing its name as a leader and key player in the civil infrastructure sector in Australia. Samsung C&T expands its presence in Australia by forming strategic partnership with leading companies like Leighton Contractors and John Holland. We are certain that by working closely together with our trusted partners, the project will be successful."


Samsung C&T has been successfully implementing Roy Hill, the largest mining project in the world with extensive experience in tunneling and major infrastructure delivery internationally.


The WestConnex motorway will link Sydney&rsquos west and south west with the city, airport and port. It is being constructed in three stages and progressively opened, with final completion scheduled for 2023.



Merger Between Cheil Industries Samsu...

◇ The merger was approved by the Board of Directors of the two companies on May 26. The completion of the proposed merger slated for September 1

◇ Cheil Industries to acquire Samsung C&T at a ratio of 1:0.35. The name of the merged company will be Samsung C&T as a symbolic gesture to preserve the identity of Samsung Group 

◇ The new Samsung C&T aims to become the top class global company leading F&B, clothing, housing, leisure and biotech businesses
 - The new Samsung C&T will secure growth momentum and become the largest shareholder of biotech business, which is a new growth engine of Samsung Group

◇ Annual revenue expected to rise from pre-merger KRW 34 to KRW 60 trillion in 2020. The new Samsung C&T will play the pivotal role in Samsung Group along with Samsung Electronics



□  On May 26, Cheil Industries and Samsung C&T announced that their Board of Directors approved the proposed merger of the two companies in a bid to leap toward the top class global company.

□  Cheil Industries will acquire Samsung C&T shares at a ratio of 1:0.35, calculated based on average closing prices. Cheil Industries will issue new stocks to Samsung C&T shareholders. 
Both companies will hold an extraordinary general meeting in July, and complete the merger on September 1

□  The merged company&rsquos name will be Samsung C&T, acknowledging the brand&rsquos global awareness and in order to keep the entrepreneurial spirit of Samsung Group.

□  Cheil Industries was established in 1963 as a property developer and theme park operator, and expanded its business to construction and F&B services. The company acquired a fashion business unit from the former Cheil Industries in 2013, and went public on the Korea Stock Exchange at the end of 2014.
Samsung C&T Corporation was founded in 1938, as a parent company of Samsung Group. In 1975, Samsung C&T was designated as the first general trading company in Korea to lead overseas sales operations. In December 1995, Samsung C&T incorporated Samsung Construction, which led the company to be divided into the Trading & Investment Group (T&I Group) and Engineering & Construction Group (E&C Group) with global business carried out in offices in around 50 countries.
The two companies have worked closely together over the years, including the launch of Samsung&rsquos biotech business in 2011, and the joint acquisition of Lakeside Golf Course in 2014.

□  Since the initial public offering late last year, Cheil Industries has been exploring measures to strengthen its core business competitiveness and global sales network in a bid to expand construction, fashion and other business units.
Samsung C&T, which has rich experiences in construction and trading, has also sought ways to diversify its businesses and develop new growth momentum in order to overcome sluggish global economy and high competition.

□  The proposed merger will establish the foundation for the two companies to grow into a global leader in fashion, F&B, construction, leisure and biotech industries to offer premium services across the full span of human life.
 ▲  By integrating construction business units, the proposed merger will enable the two companies to enhance their competency as well as synergies

 ▲ By leveraging Samsung C&T&rsquos capabilities in operation and infrastructure in global markets, the proposed merger will accelerate the global expansion of fashion and F&B businesses, and identify new business opportunities.

 ▲ The merged company will become the largest shareholder of biotech business, which is Samsung Group&rsquos new growth engine, and pursue  both stability and business growth. Cheil Industries and Samsung C&T hold 46.3% and 4.9% stakes in Samsung BioLogics, respectively.
The total amount of annual revenue of the merged company is forecasted to reach KRW 60 trillion in 2020 from KRW 34 trillion in 2014, boosted by strengthened global competency and synergies through the integration of construction, trading, fashion, resort and F&B businesses, which are the core business units of the two companies.

□  Cheil Industries CEO Yoon Joo Hwa said "The proposed merger is a strategic choice to secure the company&rsquos core competency in order to become a global leading company," adding, "We will become the top class global company, offering 'Total Premier Service' across the full span of human life."
Samsung C&T CEO Chi Hun Choi said "We plan to secure growth momentum by diversifying business portfolio, including fashion and biotech, and integrate the competencies of Samsung C&T&rsquos global operation and Cheil Industries&rsquo specialties in order to strengthen our competitiveness further."




  • Burj Khalifa

    Burj Khalifa is the current tallest skyscraper in the world

    The top of the world, that’s where we, at Samsung C&T, aim to reach. We are creating new landscape and skyline with our unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

    The Pyramid of Khufu (Egypt) is 147 meters high. The Ulm Cathedral (Germany) with its pointed main steeple is 161 meters tall. The height of the New York’s Empire State Building (U.S.) is 381 meters (102 floors). The World Trade Center was 417 meters tall (110 floors). Chicago’s Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) is 443 meters high(110 floors) Samsung C&T is continuing to grow as a global leader in the highrise building sector having experience of constructing the highest buildings in the world like to Burj Kalifa(828 meters tall, 162 floors,the tallest in the world), Taipei 101(Taiwan,508 meters tall,101 floors) and the Malaysia Petronas TowerPetronas Twin Towers (Malaysia,452 meters high,88 floors).

    Project Overview

    BUILDINGBurj Khalifa

  • Incheon Grand Bridge

    A gateway to Northeast Asia,
    the Incheon Grand Bridge is
    Korea’s longest cable-stayed bridge

    We at Samsung C&T have worked hard to secure advanced design/implementation technologies in areas such as structure interpretation for bridges and roads.

    Critical infrastructural component for Korea to become a hub for northeast Asian economies

    A cable-stayed bridge style was adopted so that large ships could pass through to the open seas without difficulty. The length between the main towers is 800 meters, the world’s fifth longest span, and the tallest main tower is 230.5 meters, equivalent to the height of the Yoido 63 Building.

    We used a number of highly advanced technologies, mobilizing super-large RCD pile drivers and the world’s biggest pile load test (30,000 tons).

    Project Overview

    CIVILIncheon Bridge

  • Qurayyah IPP

    '4000MW, Qurayyah IPP is the largest combined cycle gas-fired power plant in the world

    The Qurayyah IPP project calls for building a 3,927-megawatt combined-cycle thermal power plant, the world’s largest to date, in cooperation with Saudi Arabia’s largest developer Acwa, We have has been participating in the project from the initial design stage.

    Samsung C&T is a full EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) contractor responsible for all tasks from design to procurement through actual construction, thereby maximizing value in the construction industry value chain.

    Project Overview

    PLANTSaudi Qurayyah IPP

  • Raemian Firstige

    Raemian Firstige is an eco-friendly, landmark apartment complex

    Raemian Firstige is an apartment complex located in Banpo, Seoul.

    It consists of 2,444 units in 28 buildings and received the IFLA(International Federation of Landscape Architects) Award in 2010.

    Raemian Firstige Apartment Complex is eco-friendly and promotes ubiquitous environment which enables its residents to conveniently enjoy life based on cutting-edge technology.

    It is an innovative and high-quality residential environment, complete with communal facilities where the various environmental elements that surround the buildings communicate and commune with the residents.

    Project Overview


  • Cleveland Clinic

    To bring the highest international standards of healthcare to Abu Dhabi

    Cleveland Clinic is a multi-specialty hospital, currently under construction in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    This 21-story building with 364 Inpatient beds will be a unique and unparalleled extension of the U.S.-based Cleveland Clinic model of care, offering a range of tertiary/quaternary medical services that will bring the highest international standards of healthcare to Abu Dhabi and the region.

    Cleveland Clinic has been designed to take advantage of the latest technologies in surgery, imaging, telemedicine and electronic medical records to ensure treatment and outcomes on a par with the world's top medical institutions.

    Samsung C&T has a strong foothold in the global health care industry and erected some of the world’s most renowned medical facilities.The biggest Cancer treatment facility in Asia-Samsung Cancer Center.

    Project Overview

    BULDINGCleveland Clinic