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History The trail we have blazed for the past 30 years is also the history of Korea’s construction industry.

  • The 2000s and beyond Leap Forward
    • 03Construction division's headquarter relocated to Pangyo, Gyeonggi-do
    • 09Merger of Cheil Industries and Samsung C&T Corporation
    • 06Raemian achieved No. 1 in National Customer Satisfaction (NCSI) for 18 consecutive years
      Won order for Westconnex traffic infrastructure in Australia
    • 02Named No.1 Korea’s most respected company by KMAC for 9 consecutive years in Engineering & Construction industry
    • 11Awarded the Second LNG Terminal in Malaysia
      Won a Kirikkale Power Plant Project in Turkey
    • 09Listed in the 2014 DJSI(Dow Jones Sustainability Index) World Index
    • 07Ranked No.1 in Construction Capability by Ministry of Transportation
    • 04Participated in Mersey Gateway Project in England
      Completed the first LNG terminal in Singapore
    • 02Won Power Plant Projects($1.37b) in Algeria​
    • 12Chi Hun Choi inaugurated as new Samsung C&T president and CEO
      Wins Rabigh 2 IPP Project($1.2b), Saudi Arabia
      Overseas orders received in a year surpasses $13.0b,
      setting the record in Korean construction industry
    • 07Wins Riyadh Metro Project($2.2b), Saudi Arabia
    • 06Wins Doha Metro Project($700m), Qatar
    • 04Wins Tanjong Pagar Project($540m), the highest building in Singapore
    • 03Wins Royhill iron ore Project($5.8b), Australia
      Whessoe, the LNG specialist company, joined Samsung C&T
    • 12Completes new cityhall of Seoul
    • 11Wins Prai CCGT(Malaysia)
    • 09Completes SALAM underpass(UAE Abudhabi)
    • 07Wins Hong Kong Subway c1109 project
    • 06Raemian ranked No. 1 for 15 consecutive years in
      National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI)
    • 03Signs the Don Valley Power Project (UK)
    • 01Wins Lusail Road Building project (Qatar)
      Earns KEPIC Certification for nuclear power plant construction
    • 09Wins 400-MW Emal combined cycle thermal power plant (UAE) Wins Qurayyah combined cycle thermal
      power plant (Saudi Arabia)
    • 07Wins awards from three international design
      competitions(IDEA, iF, and Reddot)
    • 06Raemian ranked No. 1 for 14 consecutive years in NCSI
    • 05Wins project to build Dongducheon combined cycle thermal power plant
    • 10Completes units 30 & 40 of Singapore Power Seraya
      combined cycle thermal power plant
    • 06Raemian ranked No. 1 for 13 consecutive years in NCSI
    • 03Wins nuclear power plant project from the UAE
      Wins project to build Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
    • 01Burj Khalifa officially opened
    • 12Jung Yeon-Joo inaugurated as new Samsung Corp.
    • 11"Green Tomorrow," the model energy-conservation
      building, open to the public
    • 1021.38km (13.3 miles) long Incheon Grand Bridge open
      for traffic
    • 07Wins the 2009 National Environmental Management Award(Presidential citation)
    • 06The "Raemian" brand wins best prize in the NCSI (National Customer Satisfaction Index) rating for 12 consecutive years
    • 05Tenth anniversary of our corporate social responsibility activity on the "Habitat" homebuilding project
    • 03The "Raemian" brand earns SGS (Societe general de Surveillance) quality certification
    • 01Publishes a "Sustainable Management Report" - a first in the construction industry
    • 12Wins "Yoido Park 1" contract (US$1.1bn)
    • 07Wins UAE Shuweihat S2 power generationplant
      contract ($810m)
    • 04Breaks record for world's tallest building by erecting
      Burj Khalifa (630 meters)
    • 03Wins recognition from the International Federation of
      Landscape Architects, and the Red Dot Design Award
    • 01Publishes "Environment Report" - a first in the construction industry Moves to a new corporate building in Kangnam
    • 08Burj Khalifa breaks the world's tallest building record (512 meters)
    • 05Vertical concrete mix pumping breaks the world record (452 meters at Burj Khalifa)
    • 04Sponsors the third technology standardization competition
    • 01Holds the 2007 Raemian Design Fare Competition
    • 12Wins the 2006 National Design Award (Presidential citation)
    • 10The "Raemian" brand wins Japan's Good Design Award
    • 07The "Raemian" brand wins best prize in the NCSI rating for 9 consecutive years
    • 05Raemian's business resources department earns GD (Good Design) mark Samsung Corp/Microsoft strike a 'ubiquitous apartment' strategic alliance
    • 04Holds the 2006 Raemian new product release event
    • 07Takes first place for two consecutive years in execution capability evaluation made by the Korean government The "Raemian" brand wins best prize in the NCSI rating for 8 consecutive years
    • 02Holds a Standardization Contest - a first in the construction industry
    • 12Awarded the contract for the construction of
      "Burj Khalifa" (formerly "Burj Dubai"), the world’s
      tallest building (160 levels+, 800 meters+)
      Wins the contract for Taiwan's Formosa Petrochemical
      Complex expansion
    • 08Wins the contract for Taiwan's Formosa Petrochemical
      Complex expansion
    • 07The "Raemian" brand wins best prize in the NCSI rating for 7 consecutive years
      Wins the contract for Incheon (Korea) LNG tanks Nos. 19 and 20
    • 06Begins model service for government-initiated Internet home service network (at Sadang-dong Raemian Apartments)
      Wins the turnkey contract for Korea's first Shihwa Lake tidal power generation plant
    • 03Holds the 2004 Raemian new product release event
    • 12Wins contracts for Dangjin (Korea) power plant thermal generators Nos. 7 and 8
    • 10Complete the New Samsung Japan Headquarters building completed (Rokppongi Tower, Tokyo)
    • 07Wins the contracts for Shin-Wolsong nuclear power plant reactors Nos. 1 and 2
    • 06Wins the contract for first section of the restoration work on Cheonggye Stream (in central Seoul)
    • 03Wins the contract for the construction of pump storage facilities in Cheongsong hydroelectric power plant Completes construction of "Tra-Palace," the luxury commercial-residential complex tower
    • 09Wins Japan's "Tanaka Grand Prize,"
      the prestigious award given by the Japan Civil
      Engineering Society, for construction of the Youngjong
      Grand Bridge Completes construction and repair of
      80 km of road in Kyrgyzstan
      Completes construction of "Tower Palace," the luxury residential high-rise building, in Kangnam
    • 07Awarded the Housing Culture Grand Prize (Korea)
    • 02Construction division's headquarters relocated to Bundang, south of Seoul
    • 12Completes the approach highway to Incheon International Airport (Korea's first privately-funded infrastructure project)
    • 10Wins the contract for Taipei 101 (101 levels, 508 meters), then the world's tallest building
    • 07The "Raemian" brand wins best prize in the NCSI rating for 4 consecutive years
    • 03Commences work on the 12.8-km railway section of the Central Line (double track between Dukso and Yangpyung)
    • 01Completes construction of refineries for Formosa Petrochemical Complex (Taiwan)
    • 12Succeeds in enlisting equity participation from CSX (British transportation firm) to build Busan new port
    • 11Succeeds in enlisting equity participation from PSA (Singapore) to build Incheon container port (South Port)
    • 06Starts construction of the longest tunnel in Korea Neungdong Tunnel (8.7 km)
    • 05Wins the grand prize for environmental management from the Korean Ministry of Environment
    • 03Wins the contract for high-speed railway lines in Taiwan
    • 01Wins the contract for the construction of the Dhauliganga Dam (India)
      Launches the "Raemian" brand, the nation's first residential product
  • Before the 2000s Beginning & Growth